Honours Project

Observation is an essential part of what Lau Hong Lam does. Most of his works are based on direct observation, drawings and photography. He attempts to use a straightforward approach to present delicate and subtle ideas in his daily life, thus the subject matters in his works are usually daily objects, human figures or sceneries. While observing and doing research, he sets up the objects and makes his creations simultaneously. Because observation takes time, the outcomes are continuously changing until they are done. In recent years, Lau explores and practises printmaking, especially Intaglio. It fully embodies the significance of the process and techniques. Printmaking includes intricate procedures and variations of which the result we cannot predict until all the steps are completed. Learn and inspired by his practices, he puts more attention on the details of subject matter and polishes his craftsmanship. To Lau, stringent requirements in techniques produce artworks that are more honest. Lau’s visual language is neutral and minimal. It raises the audience’s curiosity to explore the gaiety and sorrow in daily life. Makes marks of the existence of oneself.

劉杭霖的創作離不開觀察。 透過觀察和記錄,他能把對日常微小的感悟直接地反映在作品之上。物件會隨時間不斷變化,而擺動物件和觀察它們的變化也是他在創作時感到有趣的地方。 劉杭霖在創作過程中逐漸明白到投放時間的重要性。近年,他開始接觸版畫藝術,特別是銅版畫。銅版畫著重於過程和技術,而這些都需要用時間來體現。通過不同的練習和實驗,他更注重描繪對象的細節和自身的工藝上。銅版畫繁複嚴謹的工序更能展現出作品的真誠和坦白。 他希望用微小而柔和的想法去喚醒觀眾對生活的感受,從而感受自己存在的痕跡。

Pieces of Cake

Mezzotint on paper

72 cm × 100 cm, and variable between 26 × 41 cm

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy cake and that’s kind of the same thing.雖然你買不到快樂,但你可以買一件蛋糕代替,反正它們都是同一樣的事。