Honours Project
LAM Lok Ki

Lam Lok Ki (Kelly) generally make illustrations and considers decorative element as an important factor to her works. In her opinion, visual attractiveness is a basic requirement of illustration. Therefore, Kelly tends to make her works decorative as long as they do not conflict with the narrative or purpose of her works. She wants her works to be able to stand by itself even without the storytelling and meaning behind. The main purpose of Kelly’s illustration works is to make things interesting. She wants to show-and-tell in a new and special way, both in the visually and the narratively. She likes to explore the use of line and monochromatic tone. Sometimes it’s more time consuming to draw with only lines or single colour, but she believes the time of working will show in the overlapping of line or colour, and at the end, it will result in a visual output with depth. Moreover, she is trying experimental ways on panel layouts. For example, presenting a continuous plot within a single illustration without obvious panels, yet still able to direct the order of reading and plot. That’s her goal at this moment.

林樂琪的插畫作品主要是單色而且富有線條的,並富有裝飾元素:除了創作背景以及敘事元素以外,她亦希望作品擁有一定的欣賞性。 在自己的作品中,林樂琪一直為事物在視覺上或敘事性方面尋覓新奇的切入點。她鍾愛以線條創作結構複雜的插畫,一筆一劃地記錄,為作品留下不同層次和深度的視覺效果。同時,她亦努力地在敘事分鏡及構圖上作更多實驗性的試驗。


Digital print on paper

14.8 cm × 21 cm × 1 cm

When doing illustration, I often struggle with correcting certain areas. Usually those areas of struggle become the most interesting part of my work. The process of resolving mistakes and corrections is a part of my process. Though it can be painful, this is one way to realize “improvement”. My illustration book presents a story based on this concept.