Honours Project

Lam Ka Fai painted various types of fish with different styles in the past few years. His interest in fish roots from his love of the ocean. The ocean is bigger than our imagination and even scientists struggle to explain the reason behind. There is a huge difference between fish and human, be it their appearance, language and living environment—a human cannot live in water while fish cannot live in the land. He likes to use fish as a symbol of the connection between the real world and his imagination. In the process, Lam explores the relationship between fish and human, finding beauty in our daily life. In his eyes, the mystery of the ocean is like that of the universe. There are many scientists who want to solve the mystery of the ocean. Although Lam is unable to do what scientists do, he uses paint as a medium to present the beauty of the ocean. It just likes a puzzle, his work contains answer the audience can seek out. The process of it is just like what we are doing every day—discover the beauty of our world.

林嘉輝在過去幾年中畫了各種不同風格的魚,而他對魚的興趣源於他對海洋的熱愛。他覺得海洋的力量比我們想像的還要大,而其力量之強大更逼使科學家努力研究與解釋。 魚與人之間存在巨大差異,無論是外表,語言還是生活環境:人類不能生活在水中而魚不能生活在土地上。然而,他卻喜歡用魚作為比喻,聯繫現實世界和想像世界;以繪畫作為媒介,呈現海洋之美。他的作品就好像拼圖一樣,觀眾可以從作品中的細節尋找答案,過程中就好比我們一步步地尋找地球的細節之美。

Land ‧ Water
陸 ‧ 水

Inkjet print

Set of 12: 28 cm × 20 cm each Set of 6: 38 cm × 27 cm each Set of 6: 15 cm × 15 cm each Set of 3: 45 cm × 15 cm each

People live on the round earth just like goldfish trapped in a square fish tank. One day I enter into the square fish tank from our round earth. I explore the world of water that is totally different from the land. Everything begins to twist slowly, no longer the round earth or square fish tank.