Honours Project
KWAN Ka Yu Annabella

The work of Kwan Ka Yu (Annabella) is mainly about emotions, feelings and herself. She primarily creates works painting, drawing, chinese art and ceramics. She is inspired by experience, daily life and especially books. She likes the works of Hemingway and F Scott Fitzgerald, which are very touching and inspiring. Her works are often a mixture from the above elements. Most of her work addresses the lost and found. Through creating she can thus re-understand herself and find her own value.

關嘉瑜的作品主題都是圍繞著情緒、感覺、和自我。她相信所有作品都是由經驗開始,當經驗不夠時便需要從閱讀別人的故事以獲取經驗。 情感都是關嘉瑜的靈感來源:我們會快樂得哈哈大笑,傷感至茶飯不思。每一次創作都是一個機會,讓我們梳理自己思緒、了解自己、在迷失中尋回自己。

Another Room

Oil on canvas

Size variable 尺寸不定

They asked me to leave that gloomy room. But the world outside the room was like this: no birds, no fish. Then I realized it was just another, bigger room.