Honours Project
KONG Hiu Ying Kitty

Kong Hiu Ying’s artworks take a darker view of daily life experiences. She often references her experiences and episodes of her life when she creates her works. She believes that everything is related to shadowy thoughts, regardless of whether it is small or large thoughts. Most people prevent the dark side of their minds, however, Kong Hiu Ying thinks that we should pay attention to it instead. She makes illustrations that reflect her concepts and ideas, she is still in the process of creating her own style, therefore her creations include many experimentation. In her most recent works, Kong Hiu Ying started to use line elements in her illustration to represent the darkness of the mind, she is eager to further her exploration and research on this style.

鄺曉盈的作品以陰暗角度表達日常經歷,而創作靈感多源自她的個人經歷和人生片段。她認為所有事情無不與人的陰暗思想有所聯繫。大部分人往往會避免提及心中的陰暗面,她卻反而認為陰暗面才是我們真正需要正視的,而她的插圖作品則反映其概念與想法。 同時,鄺曉盈仍在積極發展其個人風格,在創作時進行不同的新嘗試。在她最近期的作品中,她開始在插畫中使用線條元素,用以表達陰暗的想法,並希望對這種風格進行更深入的探索和研究。


Illustration book

Set of 12: 14.8 cm × 21 cm each

Do we have to be too worried about our uncertain future?

We will face different kinds of questions in our life. You may try your best to choose the right option. However, we will not know what will happen until the end.