Honours Project
KAN Ka Wai

Kan Ka Wai is a person who likes to explore the development of thoughts, emotions, subconsciousness, sensibility and the relationship with oneself. She prefers to paint simple and get rid of complexities in a picture as much as possible. She expresses ideas with simple lines or forms using unsaturated colours. Kan intends to explore the relationship between thoughts and events around her. Most of the time, Kan enjoys reflecting on her daily life to find elements that inspire her to create such as her feelings on something or some events. She also likes to study the relationship between herself and her family members, as they are people who affect her the most. Even though family is a regularly explored theme, Kan believes that it is a multifarious topic, and repetition will not eliminate the details of each story. Understanding that her artworks might not be influential to everyone due to their personal nature, she hopes that the audience will be inspired to find out about their values and self-awareness from studying themselves.



Dear “Destroyer”,

Brass, copper, teeth, hair, found objects

Size variable 尺寸不定

Is a broken relationship unilateral in a family? To me, my mother is always the destroyer to our family whereas I used to be a victim unconsciously.

I pieced up my mother’s jewelries’ collection and the relics from my own body as trying to repair our relationship.