Honours Project

Hui Shu Wa (Sarah) is interested in working on narratives and image-making. Her works are often related to feelings, such as nostalgia and melancholy or the idea of solitude and belonging. Her creations became part of her journey of self-discovery. Sarah likes to use drawing to visualize the world in her mind. Experience and sentiments from daily life are often her inspirations, so are memories. Random thoughts from the mundane could be the spark of ideas, since she likes to observe and discover the hidden melody in life. She mainly focuses on graphic arts such as drawing, illustration and printmaking. She is still trying to experiment on different media to expand her visual language.



Stone Story

Stones, drawings and illustration book

Size variable 尺寸不定

Stone Story is a record of discovery from being lost to losing one-self into the world of stones, realizing that an uncertain we can discover more than we expect. With collected pebbles and stones, drawings created from observations and a booklet of illustration tells the backstory.