Honours Project

HUI Gi-Wai (Echo) primarily creates works exploring our senses, especially sight and smell. Echo’s work investigates the boundaries of the senses and perception while crossing disciplinary lines into the realms of science. She is currently studying the limitations of our visual sense and makes use of optics and illusion to question reality. She often works with light, chemicals, images and moving images. Echo hopes to arouse discussion beyond normative sight using a sight dominated medium.

Her work has been exhibited internationally in selected group exhibitions including Zone Out (South Korea, 2019), Tri-Pho (Hong Kong, 2018), Bak1 Dak1 Niu5 (Hong Kong, 2018), Invisible (Hong Kong, 2018), Plane Stories (Hong Kong, 2017), Fremd | HBKsaar Rundgang (Germany, 2017) and Photo Matters: Book and Print Festival 2016 (Hong Kong, 2016).


許的作品曾於多個國家的團體展覽展出,包括Zone Out(南韓,2019)、三個景像(香港,2018)、北德鳥(香港,2018)、Invisible(香港,2018)、平面之上(香港,2018)、Fremd | HBKsaar Rundgang (德國,2017)、翻閱相像:攝影紙本藝術節2016(香港,2016)。

We Can’t See the Rainbow in the White

Video installation, light, prism, Arduino, servo motor, acrylic board, brass

Size variable. Video: 8'45"

When there is light, everything is visible. I decompose the fundamental element in the visual world to let the invisible become visible.

It is a process deconstructing light‭.‬

I project a white source of light on a surface while using prism and some moving images to “deconstruct” it. “White” is not an independent colour. It is a mixture of colour in the visible spectrum that is composed of the primary colour red, green and blue.

Through refraction of light, I separated the white source with the three primary colours to rainbow light using a prism. After that, I took away green light from white light, leaving a mixture of red and blue light. Without green, the light source gradually reflects a new colour called magenta, hence the ‘rainbow’ becomes a ‘duo-coloured rainbow’. Eventually, I erased red from magenta. The line results in a pure blue colour. As blue is a primary coloured light that cannot be further decomposed by the prism, it appeared the ultimate light source in a monochromatic ‘rainbow’ colour.