Honours Project
HO Siu Chuen

Ho Siu Chuen loves to observe how things are made since he was a child, but his skills in expressing himself through speaking and writing are poor. Therefore, he has discovered artmaking as a method for him to voice out his opinion. Hong Kong is such a crowded city with rapid economic development, and everyone put their own benefit in the first priority instead of standing in the others’ shoes. Conspiracies are likely to exist in such a complex society. On account of this thought, Ho tends to devote his art on questioning humanity and the primitive fear using modern aesthetics. Each of Ho’s works is mostly as tiny as a finger and often take the audiences a minute to locate his works in every exhibition. This is one of the features of his artwork as he is keen on have interactions with the audiences without speaking or writing—it is his very own way to connect with other people. He does not work with the same medium in each work. Take his early work “The Unknown Creatures” (Year) as an example, he simply applied mascara on the hair of a kiwi’s peel to create uneasiness using objects from our daily lives. However, he recently began to study the materiality of ceramics and glass so as to include in his practice mediums that have a historical significance in a harmonic way. Stanley Kubrick’s A “Clockwork Orange”, “The Shining” and “American Psycho” are inspirations of Ho, they are the reason behind his experimentalism and black humour. Additionally, René Magritte’s idea of Conceptual Art has influenced Ho a lot, which is why he chooses to narrate his ideas using videos or sounds.



Grey Grass

Video installation;
A hoe, a tv cabinet, grey hair, mud from Wo Hop Shek, a flower pot, a pair of gloves, a bamboo bucket, a rain cover, a tripod, nails, a watering can, a wheelchair.

錄像裝置 ;

Size variable. Video set of 2: 07'07" each

If the grey hair cut from his head is buried in the soil then it doesn’t lose purpose but rather provides nutrients for us.