Honours Project
HO Sin Ying

Ho Sin Ying (Emily) explores the relations between illustration and drawing. She is a storyteller who believes that pictures help her express feelings and tell stories. It is meaningful to let people reflect themselves after reading the stories or look at drawings. She seldom talks about her own feeling, but rather share her feelings and experiences in her drawing.

Her works are often about memories, experiences, thoughts and dreams. Through illustration and drawing, she records some of the important parts in her life. People’s memories are limited, so she tried to keep those memories alive in her artwork.




Computer Graphic

Set of 8: 29 cm × 20 cm each

Animals being abused in the zoo has become very common nowadays. Every day, animals are suffering in cages, by being abused, being genetically modified, being forced to perform, their lifestyle is changed, and so on. However, humans pretend nothing is happening and go on with our lives, sometimes we may even pay a visit on a whim.

What if we become animals in the zoo, living in the cage, what do you want people to do to you?

Welcome to the “ReverZoo”!