Honours Project
HO Chin Ying

Ho Chin Ying’s works seek a “voice” different to most of the public voice. She seeks common ground while preserving differences. Compared to the common point of view, she prefers to be optimistic. Making a difference in the world will help us solve the problems and make improvement in our life. In comparison with the visual image, materials are what she considers more important. Experiment and testing workable material, for her, is not only the process of creating works, but also a chance to explore herself. Without spoken language, the work becomes a storyteller to the audience.

In her works, she intends to give a message to the audience: we are living together but we are different and special to each other. At the same time, she tries to find out who she is in her work.





62 cm × 50 cm × 25 cm

“The bird fights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Who would be born must first destroy a world”. And you? Would you leave this originated “egg”? Or are you the same as me doing the powerless struggle in the “egg”?