Honours Project
FONG Hin Nam

Fong Hin Nam’s practice is mainly on contemporary imaging processes. He explores the possibilities to manipulate images as well as experiments the nature and iconic value of images; drawing as a mark-making process and photography as an optical imaging process, are usually in his creative practice and let him understand the ways of seeing with images.

The creative project by Canadian photographer Jeff Wall and Japanese photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto influence Fong a lot. Jeff Wall’s practice raises Fong’s interest in examining the indexicality and liability of photographs whereas Sugimoto’s film theatre series and the seascapes project trigger Fong’s alternatively working on some abstract ideas visually like time or solitude.

Fong expands his practice beyond merely shooting; his mark making on photographs testifies to the fluidity and subjectivity of images. Believing that there is a hybridity of images, Fong usually does his practice in an interdisciplinary approach. Therefore, his practice mostly integrates drawing, photography and moving image and he is currently working on found photos manipulation and experimental moving image.




Inkjet digital print on paper

Set of 3: 50 cm × 200 cm each

Caprice, an English translation of the Italian word “capriccio”, which refers to a category of paintings, usually presents a group of architecture in a fictional manner. I break down real architecture into a different perspective and captured the different parts of the bridge in a vertical panoramic approach, which is the only way we perceive giant architecture with our eye. This unordinary way of seeing is liberation of observation as well as a method to view the city autonomously.