Honours Project
DAI Xian Qi

Valerie Dai enjoys using ink as the media to create artworks related to traditional art. Moreover, she also likes to explore more new media. She has always been affected by living beings and she is also susceptible to the emotional fluctuations of these living beings. She believes that emotion is the most powerful thing in the world and that emotions drive the living body like a devil. She regards her artwork as a realistic embodiment of emotion. Her artworks advocate that people should pay attention to the basic qualities of themselves and that the audience should respect the innermost feelings of others.



Fake World

Paper, ink, mirrors

Set of 2: 200 cm × 100 cm each

“A girl is so gorgeous like a beautiful flower. She could be you, or me. If she cannot be found in fairyland, she cannot be found anywhere.”

We are wandering between reality and unreality, are blurring our skin.