Honours Project
CHUNG Man Shan

Angela Chung’s works capture the invisible in relationships between self, family and community. Starting from intimate relationships, she traces back to invisible intention and influences from surroundings, which directly reveals one’s existence. Photograph and jewellery serve as the main tools for her to capture the invisible happenings around her, sometimes combined with editorial designs and writings. Greatly influenced by Christianity, Angela’s work is a state of self-relief, change and spiritual progress. She spends days on the same issue: starting with observation, she communicates with her surroundings and herself, at the same time recording psychological changes in response to her observations.


Fifteen Years Later

Jewelry: silver, pearls, found objects, mother’s dowry boxes
Picture book


Size variable 尺寸不定

Fifteen years later, my mother has finally found her “dowries”.

Or perhaps, it should be seen as a “journey” from which she recalls her footsteps and witnesses our changes, which turns into a new blessing.