Honours Project
CHUI Hiu Yan Michelle

The works of Chui Hiu Yan (Michelle) are primarily illustrations and sculptures. Apart from drawing sketches and illustrations about her life, sculpting is an enjoyable art format that she can play around with, treating materials and giving material new shapes and curves. “Smooth”, “detailed” and “subtle” are keywords that characterize much of her art practice. The creature is another important element in her artworks as she intends to represent herself with simplified figures. In the figures, she combines subtle details of the backbone to emphasise the delicacy of life, and to bring it back to the basic form.

Michelle’s works often include the concept of ‘self’, which originated in her doubt and puzzlement in understanding about herself. Her knowledge about self is built from comparing and listening to others’ comments, seldom does she initiate attention toward herself. This inspired her to create different works to express her feelings and help people learn about her and have a new impression by looking at her work.



Peeling off from Yesterday


50 cm × 60 cm × 34 cm

In order to grow, snakes peel off their skin. The shed skin is like a mold of the snake which kept every detail of its scale. The process is similar to how I learn about myself. In order to grow, I look back at myself every day and know more about myself.