Honours Project

Chu Wing Lam (Kelly) is a visual artist who believes art is a means for her to question idealised notions surrounding us. She primarily practices paintings. She also works with images, moving images and events. Collaborative projects and exhibitions are also significant parts of her art practice.

Debates of painting and feminist theory often inspire her to make impolite works. It is important for her to push the boundaries of taste and disorient the audience expectations. She enjoys transforming the hidden artistic value of different materials, sites and events, which are often ordinary, abandoned or neglected. Her art pieces are often in a state of change, and time plays an important role in activating them.

Her works have been featured in group exhibitions including Zone Out (South Korea, 2019), Give Way to Painting (Hong Kong, 2018), Please Go in Person (2017), Balance (2015) and TASTER (2014). She is also a co-founder of AVA’s happenings, which is an online platform that facilitate self-initiated projects among students.





Acrylic on canvas, sound insulating expanding foam on vacuum cleaner, acrylic on canvas in vacuum, seal bag, switch timer


224 cm × 142 cm, 56 cm × 80 cm × 59 cm, 38 cm × 10 cm × 34 cm

Inspired by debates of painting and feminist theory, Etiquette asks questions about abstract painting, including the history of action painting and the discussion on its flatness and pureness. Body is often considered inferior to mind. The work transforms the physical quality in painting to disorient the viewer’s expectation of how a painting should behave.