Honours Project
CHOY Mei Yan Jasmine

The work of Choy Mei Yan (Jasmin) is mainly inspired by her experience in daily life and the process of growth. Therefore, her works are usually related to relationships, memories, culture and nature. She likes to share her insight in a way that people can easily engaged with her works with just a few words of descriptions.

She seldom shares any sadness and serious feeling in her works, she intends to create a casual and approachable feeling. The audience is encouraged to awaken their memories, sensations, perceptions, and de empathy. The optimisim in her works not only encourage the audience but also herself to be thankful for what we have.

She tries to establish greater connection between her works and the viewers in order to let people directly connect to the feeling and her intention. She thinks the interactions between the audience and object is fascinating, because the participation of the audience brings different meanings to her works.

受到日常生活的體會與感受和成長的過程與經歷所啟發,蔡鎂恩的作品多與人際關係 、回憶文化以及大自然有關。

在她的作品之中,很少包含著悲傷以及嚴肅的情緒。反而希望以輕鬆以及親近的方式,喚醒人們的記憶 、感知或者去思考等。在她的作品中,經常包含著對於她自己所擁有的一切滿足和感恩的想法。


2871 4706

Electronic component, silicone, brass

Size variable 尺寸不定

It is hard to change labels stuck on by others. Even if we want to change ourselves completely to match the labels that we want, we just can’t. People always neglect the details and label and critique others. But the subtle difference is the most important thing that we shouldn’t forget.

I use jewellery to reflect my over-emphasis on labels and the helplessness and observation of social labelling.