Honours Project
CHOW Mei Kwan

Ancient symbols are Chow Mei Kwan’s research project. She believes symbols are a form of spiritual healing. Her works are mainly related to symbols and the spiritual such as the flower of life. She uses jewelry as the medium to show the relationship between spiritual and human body since the ancient totem usually appears in human decoration. She also uses seal and graphic design to capture the pattern of ancient symbols.



Interactive installation, jewellery

Size variable 尺寸不定

Go back and forth.

We are born with a completely blank mind and we develop “ourselves” through different experiences in life. The back-and-forth pencil traces on the cube symbolise our existences in the past, present and future. The audience can either rotate the cube or erase the traces. However, even after erasing the pencil traces, the eraser residue will be left, just transforming it into another form.

All those we have experienced can never return or come back, but only memories are left.