Honours Project
CHOW Katie

The story is the soul. The colour is the body.

Chow Katie’s illustration combines the idea of storytelling with colour contrast. She likes to employ mysterious, spiritual and inspirational imagery.

To Katie, colour is not only the bridge between emotion and image but also a good storyteller. She believes that a good story should have a thousand interpretations and have the power to build connections between viewers and the story itself. By telling the story in an obscured manner, there exists a large space for imagination and for the viewers to create their own stories.

Katie creates work digitally to show a mixture of illustration and graphic design. Through simple and powerful composition, strong colour variation, tonal contrast, as well as the deliberate details, she probes the relationship between colour and emotion, feeling and impression, memory and image. Her goal of art making is to resonate with people who see her artwork, and ultimately inspire them to have a new way of thinking and different understanding of their own life.


To Be Explained

Digital Art

54 cm × 31 cm

Different people have different stories and one thing can have a million different interpretations. This work provides over a million different stories based on image and sound combinations to explore unlimited possibilities. It invites the audience to be part of the work by creating their own stories rather than instilling ideas in their mind. “To Be Explained” is not only a story generator but also a window for people to explore themselves through an unexpected story.