Honours Project
CHONG Po Ching Florence

Having a connection is good for the soul, which verifies the existence of a person. Building the connection between Chong Po Ching (Florence) and her works is a record of her life. Through her artwork, she brings out one interesting point by using a simple form to let people feel the exuberant possibilities of materials. Her inspiration usually comes from nature, as she believes nature can remind us to slow down, pay attention to our surroundings and reveals the connections between self and the environment. Reviewing the previous work she created, she found that they are mostly related to the nature of their materials. She likes making numerous tests to explore the possibilities of that medium. For her, the outcome is important, but the process is often the precious treasure she gained in each of her works. Along with her growth, she has tried different media, such as wood, ceramics and sculpture. Recently, she is focusing on glass making. Glass is a fascinating media and working with it is a turning point to her.








33 cm × 36 cm × 22 cm

There is always a flaw in life, and every road is made up of setbacks. People always use a certain set of thinking to run their own lives, but in the end, they can’t get out of the frame that they set for themselves.