Honours Project

Choi Tsz Kiu explores the possibilities of construct her observations towards the world via moving images and audio recording. Numerous perspectives and responses have been produced due to diverse understandings of the surroundings among different people. In Choi’s belief, human behaviours look normal and simultaneously absurd; the present looks not only realistic but also dreamy. She considers this fragmentary way of thinking as the core of her art practice.

To present this contrasting approach on observation, moving images and sound recordings have become her major expressive interests areas to work on. When she frames landscapes, she has already shown her unique perspective to the audience through lenses. Moreover, she usually makes use of montage and sound recording to defamiliarize time sequences and our understandings of what we normally see. She is examining the method of recording fragments of minimal details in daily life in order to depict absurdity.

Inspired by the framed perspectives of lenses and observations on daily details, the matters of time, ridiculous human behaviours and dreamy reality often appear in her artistic practice together with the explorations of minimal elements of landscapes, projections and lights.





Video installation


We are used to absurdity.