Honours Project
CHOI Stephanie

Stephanie Choi is interested in the practice of graphic and editorial design. She believes graphics and editorials are higher than producing information that is visually appealing. It is about how the visual communicators correspond to inform or inspire by words, images, and graphics. It is about extending one’s idea to the public and hopefully to make an impact on the community we live in. Stephanie often takes references from novelists, sociologists, and designers who share the same passion. She aims to elaborate on more circumstances she uncovers through the day-to-day surroundings with her visual languages.



Most Photographed

Printed book, floor plan, on-site signage

Size variable 尺寸不定

Checking-in with artworks– the habit of marking a presence at a particular location through the post of an image of that location on a social media platform has become a phenomenon. For my research project Most Photographed, I interviewed 200 galleries participating in Art Basel Hong Kong 2019 and compiled their most photographed artwork based on their observations into a book that imitates the official Art Basel Yearbook.

Based on this and previous research, I additionally provide a Check-in floor plan and on-site signage to AVA’s BA Gradshow, allowing visitors to explore the venue from a different angle.