Honours Project
CHOI Cyrillia Naomi

Choi Cyrillia Naomi is a Hong Kong based student-artist. She received an Associate Degree in Design (Visual Communication) at PolyU Hong Kong Community College.

Choi Cyrillia Naomi is interested in illustration and graphic design. She likes to combine extremely different things together like complicated photos, simple text and gemstones in illustrated books that she designed. She makes the work based on the problems and things that she encounters in her daily life. She also tried different kinds of visual expression such as painting, illustration, jewellery, editorial design, video and smartphone application design. She thinks that art and design are for all the people. Apart from making high-class artwork, she thinks interactive artwork is more interesting and worthy. She wants her work to interact with all of the audience, not only one type of people.



Hair Therapy

Hair on fabric

Size variable 尺寸不定

Hair has different symbolic and cultural meanings to different people. Hair is like trouble to me. But sewing hair is a therapy to relieve stress and anxiety.