Honours Project
CHIU Hsuan Hsiang

The connection between people is what works of Chiu Hsuan Hsiang (Josh) are concerned with. He considers the ways people communicate and think as crucial factors that shape the society. Through his illustrations, people could understand his opinions about human. His works explore multiple aspects, for instance, the true meaning of religion, his thoughts on collectivism and the meaning of life. All of these are questions he encounters in real life. Some of Chiu’s illustrations are ironic as he wants to inspire people to think and be critical. He has his own answer for each of his work, but he wants the audience to challenge him instead of following his thoughts.

Hypotheses is Chiu’s theme, he questions nature, rules and things that are meant to be immovable. Asking “Why” and “Why not?” to both himself and the audience. Therefore, Chiu likes to draw illustrations about gravity. Dramatic gestures such as falling and floating are often used in his works. He draws figures with full body gestures without faces because he thinks it is a direct method to express the emotions.

Chiu’s latest work is a comic book about love between two astronauts. It relates to the previous works he made, with the element of gravity and the connection between people added. The story was about love that stretches beyond time and space.

Chiu discovered his passion for illustration, comic and animation when he was studying for his Associate Degree. Most of the works Chiu created are in black and white with clean lines and shapes. And the topics he speaks about are mostly inspired by the films he watched and studies he read.

To Cut Off

Tiles with acrylic


180 cm × 180 cm × 15 cm

We are not a complete individual. Parts of ourselves split into some objects, persons or habits. I believe we all live like a paradise because we need to rely on spiritual sustenance. These supports could be tiny but they push us to go further in life, even though it is only small like a nail clipper. We never know how valuable the things are until they were taken, being cut away from the connection.