Honours Project

Cheung Wai Mei (Macy) is interested in observing the environment and the surroundings, like landscapes, nature and objects seen daily, using art as a form to explore the relations between human and the nature within the space. She gets inspirations from the personal feeling and emotions through the changes of the city and those insignificance. Her practice reconsiders the value of those objects, while experimenting the different related materials and approaches to express the idea, and to motivate the idea expression and displaying approach.

Macy is also interested in exploring the possibilities of each media in her creations: The material itself or mixing media, like putting transferring ideas from Chinese painting to a sculpture form. At the same time, She is a detail-oriented person. Her works have shown the details or the fine brush strokes. Apart from the details in the practice, she is recently more concerned about the understanding of life experience within the space of the city within the time changes, and she focuses on expanding the media to communication from inside to outside of the material itself.





Ceramics, collected soil from To Kwa Wan, recording

Size variable 尺寸不定

Moved away from the old place, old shops and buildings have been demolished, the only thing left is traces and memories of the past.
All the objects are still here, except “us”.

所有的物件還在,除了「 我們 」。