Honours Project
CHEUNG Tze Ching

Cheung Tze Ching has been exploring different materials from everyday life as the medium of her artwork. She believes that each material has its story and character. Combing the characteristics of the material with an idea and generate new meaning. She is interested in challenging the limitations in society and exploring possibilities of the limitations. “What is Copying?” In her graduation work, René Magritte’s Apple, she asked: “Can copying be unique?”. Tiffany’s art-making process is her reflection on Copying.



René Magritte’s Apple

Image (result of copying), acrylic board and ready-made objects

200 cm × 40 cm × 120 cm

Is it possible for a copy to have its own uniqueness?

Everything here is a replica, but each one is unique. Together they are a whole but are individual at the same time.

There is an indivisible intermittent relationship between them.