Honours Project

Cheung Chau Lam enjoys making small three-dimensional crafts that provide opportunities for interaction, which increases audiences’ participation as a mnemonic device. Different audiences will experience the interaction differently and associate them with distinct ideas

Making the small three-dimensional craft is the favorite of Cheung Chau Lam. Also, containing interaction can increase audiences’ participation as a mnemonic device. Different audiences will experience differently from the interactive process and associate their distinct idea.

The story of “繁” is starting from the cover that is made of the reddish-brown wood with Chinese character – 䌓. The wood blocks, sticking by magnets, produce a Huarong Path Klotski puzzle pattern, so readers can change the structure of that character. When turning over to the next page, a Chinese character will be showed and the traditional form will change to be simplified due to the pop-up methods, inspiring the audience the behind meaning.

“Cubes” includes three transparent acrylic glue cubes that are smaller and smaller. The motion of the middle cubes will be different at every time as like the uncertainty electronic position, leading the audience to rotate it repetitively to satisfy their curiosity. The audiences not only remember this artwork easily but also can explore more idea. Simple is the best. The structure of the “Cubes” is pure and simple, providing a larger imaging space for the audience. It provides an associated imagination.



LED lighting, pill packages

Size variable 尺寸不定

On a day six years ago, I realized I was hospitalized when I opened my eyes. My brain was empty, memory fragments merely drifted in and out. I tried to complete the puzzle, but some pieces were lost. The blanks are where beautiful words may be filled in. The past was the past; let it be.