Honours Project

Cheng Rainbow believes both that “Less is more” and “God is in details”. Her work is often composed by simple lines or shapes. Moreover, she enjoys playing with light and shadow to disentomb different form of the work itself. In addition to studying glass and jewellery design in HKBU, she receives some commercial illustration or motion graphic commissions which are mainly in Japanese style. She often applies a sense of graphic design in her work even though it is in a three dimensional form.



Sterling silver, rice

Size variable 尺寸不定

Rice grains are never desolated, never deserted, never isolated. From sowing, to reaping, to processing, it is always accompanied by its companions. This unique coalescent property of the rice grains is what inspired me to present rice grains adhered together to form flowers, which are firm but also dazzlingly translucent, and further presents and symbolizes the prodigious power of unity in the form of a group of jewelry.