Honours Project
CHAN Tsz Ying Tammy

Chan Tsz Ying (Tammy) uses ceramics, glass and lens media as her medium. She is currently devoted to working with ceramics and glass but she is still exploring other mediums. Both ceramic and glass are materials that need to undergo high temperature to form. For her, this is the essence of ceramic and glass: from liquid to solid; soft to hard. After their formation, both materials are hard but fragile. Chan considers this as identical to our lives. In other word, working with these mediums make her experience life from another perspective, and she sees this as a soul-searching process.

Most of Chan’s inspirations come from her personal stories. Chan observes and understands the surroundings in her own ways. Art becomes a language to her. She utilizes her artwork to visualize her emotion and interpret the world.

She holds the belief that one’s artwork should affect oneself before it has the ability to influence others. Not everyone will understand the artwork in the process, but Chan will insist on her own beliefs. She believes that art is something that performs oneself, admits oneself, realises oneself and liberates one’s soul. Art is not about pleasing others but about serving one’s own self.

Tammy Chan is a Hong Kong artist. She mainly focuses on ceramics and glass medium.





All About Letting Go

Glass, fish tank, mixed media

Size variable 尺寸不定

To all broken souls.