Honours Project
CHAN Pui Sze Betsy

Exploring the possibility of different materials through storytelling is one of Chan Pui Sze (Betsy)’s artistic intentions. She combined illustration with different craft and techniques in her works, such as glass, ceramics, embroidery and paper cut in order to enrich the texture of different stories. Her previous works led her to explore different media by pushing the boundary between craft and illustration, and she looks to explore more in both abstract and narrative ways in her future practice.

Betsy often gets inspiration from memory, daily experience and literature and she keen on using surreal composition in both illustration and printmaking works. She selects symbols and objects from her memory or text and rearranges irrelevant objects to construct a new composition. By combining symbols and her own emotion into her work, she creates a poetic atmosphere that gives more space for viewers to imagine beyond the boundaries of texts. She likes surreal and poetic elements, such as flames burning in the rain, flowing river in the sky, transforming smoke, and so on. For her, they have their own symbolic meanings and emotions, and the audience will have their own interpretations.



Became A Wisp of Light Smoke Eventually

Incense stick burns on rice paper

360 cm × 115 cm × 2 cm

Burning incense sticks was the daily routine of my grandmother and the scent of incense smoke filled my memories of her funeral. By using incense sticks to burn the memories related to her personal belongings, the daily objects that disappeared in the funeral were rebuilt spiritually. In the process of incense sticks burning on paper, memories, time and life seem to fade away through the smoke, and gradually became emptiness.