Honours Project
AU Wing Chau

Au Wing Chau (Olga) works on painting, jewellery and sculpture. Her purpose of making art is pursuing happiness and is a form of praying to God without speaking out loud. She is a Christian. and thinks the holy Bible gives her the definitive view of the world and also the attitude of how to face different situations. But being an imperfect and negative person, she cannot always do what the bible say. She often falls into the the contradiction between divinity and humanity.She created a series of work aboutt her prayers to God to ask for rescue and relief from her negative emotions. Her works are illustrating a present tense, yet also a future tense. Because in a prayer, she mentions the bad situations which she is going through and also what she expects will happen, she depicts these struggles, such as people know there is a saviour, without feeling or seeing him. The work is all about the hope of being saved. She is questioning who or what is my saviour? What does it really mean to be my saviour? Also, why do people need a saviour? When people are not constrained by the moral of God, they will start to indulge in their own sins. She depicts those sins, to make a major contrast with the holiness of God and to show how people need a saviour.

Olga paints figments which makes her happy. She likes to turn herself into different characters and thus keeps a distance with herself in different situations. She can be introspecting about her own mind and feelings in a more objective way.


Just a Cloth (Shroud of Turin)

Screenprint, acrylic on linen

436 cm × 110 cm

A criticism of worshiping relic.

People treat the Shroud of Turin as a relic simply because that was the cloth used to wrap Jesus’ body after crucifixion.

By blurring, duplicating and grafting, it is shown that the relic is merely a cloth.
Relic is a proof of God that once did exist, but it is not God Himself.


世人認為「都靈裹屍布」曾裹覆耶穌復活前的屍體,因此被視為聖物之一。 以糢糊、複製、塗鴉的手法顯示此聖物也只不過是一塊布。