Honours Project
AU Suet Ying

Au Suet Ying (Kristy) shed light into existential issues in her artworks, and her body of works is an unfinished inventory of fragments: objects, drawings, paintings, photographs. She explores the gloominess and misanthrope in daily with her camera and her images create a weary world that is undeniably separated from the one we live in. It is her goal to make beautiful what others find disturbing, to understand a simple concept — existing.

Kristy explores urban life in her works. She took photos of strangers in the city as the topic in her work “Waiting” (2017) and “The Misanthrope” (2017). The work “The Misanthrope” is a series of photos that captured the workers in actions, all with straight-face. The photographic work requires observation to understand the subject’s emotions, in order to reproduce their feelings to the audience. The key to her photography is portraits; it captures the emotions of different walks of life. They are all staged, planned and reviewed, whilst sharing some kind of dramatic emotions, portraying real affection, undisguised and exposed to resonate with the audience.

Kristy Au is a photographer based in Hong Kong.



區雪映在她的作品中探索城市生活。她在作品“Waiting”(2017)和“The Misanthrope”(2017)中拍攝了城市中的陌生人。作品“The Misanthrope”是一系列照片,拍攝了工作中的人們厭世的表情。在創作過程中,區雪映需要仔細觀察及理解不同對象的情感,才能向觀眾重現對象的感受。她透過人像攝影,捕捉不同行業工作者真實和戲劇性的情感,期盼與觀眾產生共鳴。



Size variable 尺寸不定

The world itself has no spiritual truth and ultimate meaning, as I believe. Everything in the world is continuously undergoing circulation and exists in various ways. However, I have no chance to evade this endless cycle of the world.