• Can Art Be Taught?

    26.5 (Sat) 14:30–15:30
    Cantonese 廣東話
    Gallery, AVA Kai Tak Campus 啟德校園畫廊

    Prof Leung Mee Ping 梁美萍教授
    Mr. Yeung Sau Cheuk 楊秀卓先生

    Can Art Be Taught?
    Some people said art has to be comprehended by yourself; Some people said that artistic sentiment must be cultivated through education. So, can art be taught? What is the significance and value of contemporary art education? In this sharing session, we are honoured to invite Dr. Leung Mee Ping, a professor of the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University, and Mr. Ricky Yeung, an artist and senior art educator in Hong Kong, to share their art education experiences in different fields for decades. It is believed that art educators and art students could have a profound reflection through this lecture.


  • Printmaking Workshop: Screen Printing

    1.6 (Sat) 14:30–17:30
    Cantonese 廣東話

    参加費用: $50/每位参加者
    Participation Fee: $50/per

    Participants will experience the screen printing process in a professional printmaking studio, to create a set of textile products under the guidance of the tutor.


  • Art for ___ sake?

    2.6 (Sun) 14:00–15:00
    Cantonese 廣東話
    Gallery, AVA Kai Tak Campus 啟德校園畫廊

    Ms. Vangi Fong 方韻芝
    Coordinator of the Cultural and Conservation Education Programme of Blue House | 灣仔「藍屋」文化保育及社區藝術教育項目策劃人

    Mr. Akai Law 羅醒楷  
    Head of Visual Arts of HKBUAS Wong Kam Fai Secondary School | 香港浸會大學附屬學校王錦輝中小學視覺藝術科科主任

    Ms Wy Lee 穎河儀 &
    Mr Ryan Hui 許俊傑
    Toki Nashiki | 梨木製陶所

    Art for ___ sake?
    “Why study art? How do you earn your living?”
    Maybe somewhere in society, the myth that artists are poor still exists. In fact, in today’s world, this idea might be outdated. Nowadays, studying art related subjects could be developed into various possibilities and careers. In this sharing session, we are honoured to invite guests working on various art fields, from fine art artists to freelancers, to share their experiences with you. No matter you would like to study or work in the art field or not, we hope to see you there.


  • Tuna Prize Jury’s Sharing

    8.6 (Sat) 15:30–16:30
    Cantonese 廣東話
    Gallery, AVA Kai Tak Campus 啟德校園畫廊

    Tuna Prize is an award presented to fresh graduates at Hong Kong Baptist University Academy of Visual Arts by our alumni. Founded by first-year alumni in 2009, it is judged by alumnus from different class years. Through the young artists’ perspective in the jury panel, we hope to open up the jury system as a platform, to envisage the local art scene and, thus, making it a meaningful prize for every year’s graduates. The graduates of the coming years are also encouraged in keeping on running the tradition.
    A jury panel consisting of AVA graduates from 2016-18 will select this year’s prize winner. Limited seats are reserved for AVA alumni and current students on the jury day to witness the entire discussion, and to ensure the openness of the process.

    More information could be checked on www.tunaprize.blogspot.hk.

    吞拿魚獎是一項由浸大視覺藝術院舊生頒予應屆畢業生的獎項,由第一屆舊生發起並於2009年成立,每年評審的角色由歷屆舊生擔任,目的是開放評審制度為一個討論平台,透過年輕藝術家的評審眼光,前瞻本地藝術的最新趨向。因此,對於每屆新畢業生而言,Tuna Prize 乃一項別具意義的獎項。奬項期望能由每年的新一屆畢業生延續下去。
    由2016至2018年的視覺藝術院畢業生組成的評審團,將會為今屆畢業展選出作品,頒發「呑拿魚獎」,特別表揚同學優秀之表現。 為了讓評審過程更公正、公開,院內學生及舊生可到評審現場旁聽,見證整個評選作品的過程,是一個難得的機會。


  • AVA Awarding Judges’ Sharing 2019

    8.6 (Sat) 17:00–18:00
    English 英語

    As in the past, the Academy of Visual Arts will present the AVA Award to three outstanding works, praising and encouraging graduates to keep on pursuing art after graduation. This sharing aspires to spread the value and messages of the award to students and the public, as well as the opinions from the representatives of the academy.


  • The Sunset Closing Party

    8.6 (Sat) 18:00
    Gallery, AVA Kai Tak Campus 啟德校園畫廊

    The sunset view would most definitely be one of the most memorable moments for our fellow teachers and students in AVA. May we draw the curtain of our Graduation Show 2019 under the glimmers of the dusk.