‘ Wearing jewellery is wearing a statement.’ This makes jewellery become a serious thing to wear. And what if no one is wearing them, would jewellery become a meaningless stuff? It seems like jewellery and wearer has a parasitic relationship. In this set of jewellery, I want to re-establish the identity of the jewellery by making them into little creatures allowing them to stand as themselves but not only as a parasite relying on their host.

When I was just a kid, my father alway keep a tank of goldfish in home for me. Sometimes I gazed at them for half of the day. But I don’t know why, they never stay. Soon they all dead. Leaving me an empty fish tank. One day,I give up on keeping goldfish. Hey. Last night, I had a dream. It’s about you. What it is about? I saw you leaving. It’s a sad dream. It’s okay. I will be always by your side. Afterall, I am a part of you.

In this work, I would like to play around with the fragility of glass and connotation of innocent childhood. As we all know, glass usually depicted as fragile and mimicking something precious: In east, glass copying jade; in west, it is crystal. I want to play around with these stereotypes I have in glass and make something which required us to move it and play with making glass not just decorations standing in the display window, ‘Toys’ to be exact.