Goldfish actually owns more than three seconds of memory, but it does not want to be fed up with those unforgettably intriguing surroundings. Till your visit one day, it pretends that it has never been there. Swimming with you and leading you to the adventure again, again, and again.

金魚不只是有三秒記憶,它只是不想要把風景看膩。 直到有天你的到來,再裝作從沒去過,然後和你重複一百次在水泡裡游過。

This is a gift for my four years-old nephew and his new coming little sister. He was not adapted for the new members then I composed the future moments for them. I applied a fabric paper to enhance the warmness and strength.

給我四歲的兒甥一,告訴他以後的日子都有妹妹跟著一起走,一個變兩個。選取的綿紙讓他更堅強和溫暖。 🙂

Chasing the fireworks with hopelessness and obstacle, she discovered that it is better to grasp the moment. We run and run everyday. Let’s watch it silently and leave.