Time is always a topic that interests me. I painted on a mango, welcoming life and time to join in the creation. Recording it as it turns dark, I question the prospect of Chinese painting–can it continue to develop, or at the end only become one of the subsidiaries of Western art? When looking at the last photograph, audiences can view it as death or time, as the mango itself turned into ink, reconstructing my painting in a new way.

Rakuchū-rakugai-zu Byōbu is a genre of screen paintings created in the 16th century in Japan, capturing the early capital Kyoto from a bird’s-eye-view in details. I created this painting during my exchange period in Japan. Through learning traditional Japanese painting pigments and methods and combining it with the drawing skills of Chinese painting, I recreated this work in my own way.

“Hill in 3 Seconds” depicts my everyday travel experience on the bus. It gives me a different angle and viewpoint with which to look at landscapes. This painting not only recorded the specific three seconds that happened on the bus, but also, through the long drawing process, my daily mood changes.