For children and elderly, opening plastic bottle is difficult. Bottle Cap are made in one-piece molding silicone. Bottle Cap provides a hand hold for opening plastic bottle easily. Also, the funny appearance allow Bottle Cap became accessories.


This video advisement is to outcome Satami’s underwear abled to address the problem of straps slipping. This video expresses this message in humour and local way. The story of video is about Li’s field is broken by a typhoon. As a result of windstorm, a female newscaster felled down and her underwear was slipping. However, a Satami’s staff saved her and changed new underwear for her. Satami’s bra not only saved the newscaster but also replaced Li’s field and made Hong Kong became a safety.

This video will be uploaded to online platforms, such as YouTube, Satami website. Also, The poster board with QRcode linked to the video displayed on MTR stations.





Futura is a poster design of a typeface, Futura. It is a san-serif font in geometric style. Futura became the first typeface in moon because Apollo 11 Astronauts remains a plaque on moon’s surface which set in Futura. The poster presents this story of Futura and the characteristic of this typeface in geometric shape.