I’ve always wondered about a phenomenon I call”newscaster’s voice.” No matter who’s reporting the news, they use the same tone and cadence. But is it the truth? So I created this sound sensor to check their presentation. It is a mini unit with an array of LED lights which will beat with the speed and mood of the newscasters while they are reporting the news. As a result, I found that most news anchors speak slightly slower than a normal cadence, fully annunciate every word, change tone throughout the sentence and have a fairly neutral, flat accent. That leads to a consistent “broadcaster voice.”  It is an interesting find.

Rainbow Reflection is a series of interactive digital computer graphics inspired by mirror reflection after raining. “Life is like a rainbow, you need both the sun and rain to make its colour appear.” I was trying to use this metaphor to remind people of this concept, so I designed digital computer graphics that allow the audience to participate and see it work.

This art series involves different kinds of gradient changes separated into three levels, from 2D to 4D. Audiences can press the regenerator button to create new visuals in different stages, as it will change by action.

The pattern of the artwork is random and various. You never know what you are going to get. It is an experience design that creates a human-made rainbow for the audience. With a random presentation, the change is easy to recognise, but the meaning behind may be too shallow. It is not easy to create a space for the audience to think beyond just a simple change in colour blocks.

ONE Typeface Fits ALL? is a typography book design which explores whether word font is a crucial element of a pretty complicated presentation. The typeface is a detail and a performance of a story. It represents the voice of an atmosphere and dialogues with readers. It can do a lot of things. However, when you have to look for a typeface from a million-collection font book to fit your design, can you find a typeface that fits all situations? What does typeface mean to you?

This book was designed to create a lot of space. It has created a resting time for the reader. The comprehensive layout design allows readers to breathe while there is a lot of text. It considers how the reader reacts to the book regularly. A significant amount of writing tends to make the reader to give up reading, so this layout design has to take into account the reader’s reading experience.