Inspired by photos of my body parts taken by a macro lens, I observed many details on my body. The close-ups of my body do not look good, but they are indeed real and detailed. I then transformed them into drawings, which is a way of observation and another way to show the skin texture, linking reality to abstraction.


An imagination of flying to the universe. Things are arranged from layer to layer. I am thinking of how can I escape one day.

It is not easy to know a true self and see a true self. Some of the characteristics are visible, while some aren’t. Some of the characteristics are shown, while some are hidden.
有時候用鏡子觀察自己,也未必想得清楚真正的自己。 有些時候能看到,有些時候不能。 有些時候展現到自己,有些時候又不能。