“The Diary of the Stone” records the possibilities of different stones, starting from the raw stone, cutting them one by one, followed by polishing them to different forms and levels of polishing. Then comes arranging and buckling the stones, merged them with each other to fill in gaps.


“Disassemble and Reassembled” was made separately with three stones picked from Mount Apatite in Maine. When I picked up the stones during the field trip, I found that most of the stones had two or more substances that were tightly clasped together. I disassemble different substances from the same stone, then reassembled them on the same ring.


Noises of clanking are produced during the course of metal forging. Yet, these clanking sounds could be used to create a quiet landscape.

金屬撞擊的過程中會發出「噹啷」的響亮聲音。 然而,我以這些看似嘈吵的聲音連綿不斷地刻劃出一片寧靜的枯山水。