The ways of lines are freely expressed by the subconscious, the 0.05 thin lines composition the messy and bad feeling inside the subconscious world of the people who have mental disorders. The creation of me originated from real life. It’s about self-expression of the subconscious by a female mental patient, and the process changing of the subconscious world. Her story touched my heart, so I decided to transfer her subconscious world into those painting by my hand. The comprises of abstract irregular stripes with parallel lines, which rebuilt the dreamland of psychos’ subconscious world. The reason why I created this series.


On the first 6 days of June 2015, I repeated the same process day after day. Every morning, I tried my hardest to look back on the contents of my yesterday even dream. Based on my memory and feeling, I drew out the dream with abstract single lines. The painting with a size of 25cmx25cm comprises of six parts, which corresponds to my dream of every night.Spontaneously, every part has a circle in it, which implies my sensation of sleeping always kept the same, despite the stories happened in my dreams varied from one to another. In my dreams, another dimension of space created by myself, maybe I felt confused whether it is real or virtual, but sometimes I can release my stress, sometimes I can find out the solutions to the quizzes that I find it hard to solve in the daytime. The fantastic illusion in my dream let me evaluate myself. There are many changes that occurred in my daytime life, but I wondered what kind of changes exactly made the dream look like this and managed to give out an answer to this deceptively simple question. This is the main reason why I created this art work.


Those who lack thinking independently prefer to drift with the current rather than decide things on their own. It looks like a herd of sheep usually appears as a unit in moving together. Following what others think and getting close to the center of the group, they may feel at ease. However, they lose not only their sense of their own identity and also the life direction. Don’t go with the flow.