Joy of Chinese Character is a learning tool which aims to encourage children aged 2 – 6 to write Chinese characters and cultivate their interests by identifying, scribbling and writing Chinese with stamp and cards accordingly.

A book design based on the movie which called Mr.Nobody by Jaco Van Dormael. It is briefly about the parallel universe which emphasizes decision making and what consequences will happened after each choice. In terms of design, the movie applied red, yellow and blue colours to represent different parallel universes. I used this idea to design the key part of this book. The boy in the movie has to make decision either following his mom or dad because of their divorce. When the readers pick, they can see the incident and dialogue according to each colour.

A typographic poster about the endangered species Spoonbill which is existing in Hong Kong. The features of Spoonbill such as the curved mouth and the pattern have been considered as the positive and negative spaces of the three Chinese characters 白琵鷺. The use of black and white colours are certainly associating to Spoonbill as well. In terms of type setting, the text was placed vertically in order to highlight how slim and tall the Spoonbill is.