Relationship is such a fractious, untameable and yet fragile notion.

Sometimes we involuntarily get too sensitive in a bond or become over-attached to someone. Attachments lead to expectations, and expectations savagely direct to domination and invasion—this is when affection, delight and tenderness deteriorate into surveillance, suspicion and constraint in the absence of certainty and allegiance.

To preserve the seemingly unattainable balance in between, we scrutinise ourselves in the shadow of others and vice versa.

阻礙的意思,亦暗示了人與人連帶關係中帶來的牽制和不自由的苦澀與沉重。由自卑、溺愛、猜忌或背叛引申出來對他人約束的行為 —— 一種情感的反噬。