I’m unstable and shattered, always here and there. This is a series of paintings I did for myself. It’s a story about my ongoing journey of realisation and recovery after a breakup. Just like my mind, things happened here and there, and some of them were worth recording. Recalling isn’t necessarily nostalgia, but more a continuous collection of fragments of myself. To remember is to treasure; no matter good or bad, to treasure even the smallest piece of myself is an act of self-love, and the same goes for expressing that with oil painting.

我經常處於零碎和不穩定的狀態。 這是一系列為自己畫的畫,關於我不久前分手後持續至今的體會和恢復的過程。 就像我的想法和心理狀態,當中發生的事情都很零碎,但某些值得記下。 我透過回想過去來收集自己的碎片,因為記取是珍惜的表現,而自愛是不論好壞,即使最小的一塊碎片也珍惜,畫下記憶和心理狀態亦然。