This project involves a children’s book targeting kids around the age of five. The story is inspired by ‘tiger parents,’ a term referring to parents who adopt an authoritative parental style by making strict demands and being oversensitive. In the story, the protagonist Nick escapes from Mrs. Monster’s custody and goes on an adventure in the Miracle Woods inhabited by pickled creatures who lead tutorial classes.

My project aims to convey the message that special talents can make children competitive, confident and joyful. However, in the story, although Nick is talented in making magical origami, Mrs. Monster believes that it is a meaningless practice. So, Mrs. Monster chases Nick around and forces him to attend tutorial classes held by the pickled creatures living in the woods. Instead of encouraging Nick to develop his talent, Mrs. Monster prefers Nick to fulfill a general standard of wellbeing by learning more. Nick rebels against Mrs. Monster by escaping from those courses with the help of his magic origami, which conveys the message that talent can also be powerful.

這部兒童書的故事源自對「虎爸虎媽」式教育的思考。故事中的主人公尼克喜歡摺紙,而他的母親怪物女士卻認為摺紙是一個無用的特長。怪物女士希望尼克能夠參加各種課外班,成為別人眼中優秀的小孩。為了逃避課程,尼克利用魔法摺紙逃出了怪物女士的監督, 並在樹林中展開了一段奇幻的冒險。通過這個故事,我希望展現尼克在能夠發揮特長時的昂揚鬥志。為人多才多藝,成績名列前茅固然重要,但是擁有個人特長也能讓孩子自信和快樂。