Before you enter the room, the first thing before you see the artwork is the guidance line on the ground in two relatively complementary colours (pink and green) and the written word ”PLEASE GET IN” that invites people to enter the room. Following the guidance line, you enter the room and you are directed to the glass sculpture. It is somewhat abstract and plant-like. Then you see a pink bean bag sofa in a weird position placed underneath the glass sculpture. Although it seems a bit dangerous, you sit down and take a look at the glass sculpture from another angle which makes it look slightly different, and it seems as if you are becoming part of the artwork. In fact, from the very beginning, when you step in between the pink and green lines, you (as I) are already one of the components of the artwork.


How should we define this piece of art? When does the audience actually see this work? Which is the most important part of this artwork? The lines? The glass? The people? The object description from the artist? Please do not follow others, but read between lines.