Writing is the beginning of civilisation; the signature shows its unique existence; typing is the generation of improvement; the typing sound highlights the efficiency of the new era.

Handwriting can show real emotions when typing becomes the mainstream.


The contradiction between writing and the modern electronic industry exists, and the criticism and challenge between them have led to conclusions that are binary. Instead of believing that handwriting is declining, it is better to think that it keeps pace with the times and becomes a dynamic and fluid symbiosis in the future.


“Dear” translates dialogues between handwritten letters and machines. It performs the undescribed ‘temperatures’ (emotions) of handwriting. It attempts to set the ‘temperature’ of the imaginary word into the visible and tangible.


Dear, please read the letter attentively, explore the secret of the handwriting and feel the emotion that overflows beyond the word.

寫字是文明的開端;親手簽的名才能彰顯其獨一無二的存在;打字是時代進步的標誌;鍵盤的聲音才能突顯新時代的效率然而當打字成為主流才意識起手寫字更能展現真實情感 關於書寫文字與現代電子產業的矛盾一直都在邊界的批判與挑戰總是得出非此即彼的結論與其相信手寫字沒落不如相信它只是與時俱進成為動態而流動的共生體「親愛的」透過手寫信件與機器的相互溝通和轉譯對話創造未曾被描述過的筆跡溫度寫字的速度與力度將筆跡的情感轉化為可觸及可見的嘗試把虛無的文字溫度變成看得見摸得著親愛的請細心閱讀信件探索每筆力道與每道墨跡之間的秘密感受那溢於字外的情感