Life is a habitual cycle. Within a limited duration of time, we march towards the conventional trajectory. Text characters are another form of life. In particular, the ancient bronze inscription, as the main carrier for recording life, reflects both visually and textually the humanistic life at that time. I extract 12 characters from bronze inscriptions which contain the radical, or are related to, “人 “ (means human literally) in the philology of bronze inscription, thus breaking the dimension of time with modern and traditional media, and constructing the cycle of life with textual meanings and pictographic forms of the chosen characters. Through the art of Chinese calligraphy, I depict the trajectory of life, and at the spiritual level, question the meaning of life and the current world.

生命是一個習以為常的循環在有限的時間中我們朝著約定俗成的軌跡進發文字是生命存在的另一種方式 特別是遠古具象形特性的金文作為紀錄生活的主要載體在視覺和字義上皆反映了當時的人文生活我摘錄十二個金文文字學中包含「人」字部首或與之相關的文字以現代及傳統的媒介打破時間的維度進而以金文的字義及象形型態建構生命的週期;透過書法的藝術形式寫出生命的軌跡並在精神的層面對當今世人生活的意義作出提問