WONG Ching Yuk, Janice

WONG Ching Yuk, Janice (b.1997) creates videos, graphic art, and design. Her works focus on the unfolding of unconsciousness, spirituality, mystical content as well as the emotional outcome to engender psychological resonance, allowing viewers to experience the work directly as to become her piece of art. She combines her philosophy of life with personal experiences, as to transform her feelings into a work.

黃証鈺(b.1997)創作錄像、平面藝術及設計。 她的作品集中探討潛意識、靈性與神秘現象以及情感傳達,引起觀者心靈上的共鳴,並使他們可以直接感受她的作品,不單純是視覺體驗,同時讓觀眾體驗作品中的情感,成為藝術的一部份。她將她的人生哲學和個人經歷結合,藉此以抒發感情,來完成作品。

Previous Works
/ Ah!!!Ahh...a

Video installation, polaroid photo


4 min 6 sec

‘Knowing you are about to be scared is actually somewhat enjoyable.’


/ Ah!!!Ahh...a is an experiment based on the scientific research which claims when when the fear is predictable, the limbic system will activate the hypothalamus in the same way as excitement. It is proved by the polaroid that captured the audiences’ reaction. For the content of the video, the man in the film shows his fear, but he tries to escape. It becomes a loop. As related to the installation, the mirror is a metaphor that the root of suffering comes from oneself.