WAN Wing Ki, Vicky

WAN Wing Ki, Vicky practises installation, mixed media, and ceramics.

WAN usually gets inspiration from her surroundings, daily practice, and Japanese philosophy. She believes art is a fragment of a person, in which people can reshape and re-organise. Therefore, her artworks mainly discuss and connect to the concept of self, serendipity, and the community. She is sensitive to emotions of others and herself. She believes her ceramics, as well as the heart-warming texture and down-to-earth character of clay, can tell stories and bring warmth and comfort to the audience.

In 2019, WAN went to Zurich University of the Arts in Switzerland on an exchange programme, majoring in ceramic moulding. Her ceramic works have been exhibited in the Apéro project and joint exhibitions in both Switzerland and Hong Kong.




Previous Works
If I Die Young

Ceramics, plants


Dimensions variable


If I Die Young explores the death that gives meaning to life. WAN Wing Ki, Vicky invites the viewers to join her dear plants’ funeral. The work embraces the aesthetics of death and pass their coffins to the next dear.






Dimensions variable


‘We share the wave and stone, the balloon and tinfoil, Hong Kong and Switzerland.’



Can’t go back

Acrylic on foam board


Set of six, 45 × 45 cm each

Can’t go back illustrates a unique way of communication between individual viewers and objects. By selecting different materials to combine and redefine, WAN Wing Ki, Vicky finds the perfect perception of the manhole cover. By participating in the project The Lonely Arts by Yan Yu, each manhole cover can be taken care and treasured in its own viewpoint by various audiences.


《點》描繪了觀察者與對象之間的一種特殊交流方式。通過選擇不同的物料進行組合和重新定義,尹穎琪剛好找到了那一個完美合乎她感知的點。透過參與Yan Yu的《用最溫柔的文字換最孤獨的藝術作品》計劃,各收藏者能按照自己的觀點找到對他們來說角度剛好的點。


 *攤位照為Yan Yu所拍攝